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List of Prohibited Items

Living Animals (Washington Convention) Obscene Articles Credit Cards
Fireworks Portable Oxygen Paint Thinner
Firecrackers Concentrators Paints
Ammunition Helium Gas Lacquer
Aerosol Spray Cans Chlorofluorocarbons Perfume
Butane Lighter Fuel Gas Heaters Matches
Diving Tanks Aqualung Lighters
Camping Gas Stoves Emergency Equipment Charcoal
Butane Gas Canisters Gas Gun Ink
Fire Extinguishers Oil Lighters Ink Cartridges for Office
Dust Remover Spray Lighter Fuel Printers
Illuminating Flare Oil Paints Electric Fuse
Hair dye Nail Polish Blasting Fuse
Disposable Body Warmer Alcohol Blasting cap
Personal Oxygen Generator Diamonds (Incl. Rough and Fabricated) Money
Bleach Pharmaceuticals Containing Tickets (Concert Tickets, etc.)
Peroxides / Oxidizing Agents Blood Flight Tickets
Transpired Insecticide Livestock Feed Sword Replica
Agricultural Chemicals Counterfeit / Altered / Fake Currency Precious metals (gold, silver, gold and silver products etc.)
Chloroform Postage Stamps / Revenue Stamps Jewelry (diamonds, jewelry products etc.)
Uranium Documents Coins
Plutonium National Treasures Paper money
Cesium Important Cultural Property Soil
Thorium Important Works of Art Private letters
Radioactive Waste Pirated CDs / DVDs / Software Microorganism
Lead–acid Batteries Items with an Undetermined Gun Parts (Metal)
Mercury Origin Living Beings
Corrosive Liquid Cleaner Lottery Tickets Dry Ice
Disinfectant Air guns Asbestos
Solid disinfectant Rodenticide Internal-combustion engines
Mercury compounds Magnetized Materials Narcotic
  Engines Psychoactive Drugs

Please note, we reserve the right to cancel orders which are on the list of prohibited items or out of stock or non-deliverable to your destination address.