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Our Initiative to Support Ethical Treatment of Animals

At we love animals and we are committed to supporting the ethical treatment of animals and ensuring their well-being.

First, we prioritize suppliers and partners who share our values of animal welfare. We actively avoid supporting industries that engage in animal cruelty or exploitation, and we encourage everyone to do so.

Furthermore, we collaborate with animal rights organizations and support their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary for animals in need. We promote responsible pet ownership by encouraging adoption from shelters in South Korea.

Our initiative to support the ethical treatment of animals is rooted in our belief that all animals deserve respect, compassion, and a life free from cruelty. They are our little brothers and sisters after all.

We contribute a portion of our profits to help improve the lives of animals in shelters.

Join us in our mission to support shelter animals in South Korea. Each and every support counts.

In case of any interest in supporting our efforts, please contact our CSR Manager Ms. KIM Min-Hyun at [email protected]