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Service Flow



Method #1: Proxy buy - Add products to the cart and pay for products. After that we purchase products on your behalf in Seoul. Method #2: Self buy - Use our Warehouse just like its your own Korean address. Buy products / register for K-pop events by yourself using our address.


We receive products

We collect your items at our warehouse and keep them in the storage box designated for you. We do not open original boxes unless you ask for inspection or request photos of the items.


Keep in Warehouse

We store your items at our warehouse until you decide to consolidate and ship them together to your address. Please specify items you want to ship in one box, shipping method and we will arrange the shipment.


International Shipping

After you paid for shipping, we send your parcel to your address. In case of B2B customers, we also do customs clearance.

Shipping Estimation Tool

The actual shipping price may vary based on postal service and the final delivery destination.

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